Akihiro Okamura
General Information
Age 28+
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Kanji 岡村 昭宏
Height 5'8"
Family Mother
Father (deceased)
Faction Red Shield
Occupation Reporter
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Blood+ Light Novel
Status Supporting Character
Debut Episode 03
Other Information
Japanese Voice Kentaro Ito
English Voice David Rasner

Akihiro Okamura (岡村 昭宏, Okamura Akihiro), is a somewhat jaded, down-on-his-luck, chain-smoking newspaper reporter and photographer for the Ryukyu Daily.


Tracing the Girl in the Photos

Okamura is the son of the photographer and Vietnam war correspondent who had taken several mysterious black-and-white photos depicting a young girl killing soldiers, villagers, and grotesque monsters with a sword. After seeing them as a child, the photographs have always haunted Okamura, spurring him to discover the truth behind them. After tracing wine dumped by the military to Vietnam, Okamura sees Saya fighting Karl and manages to take some pictures of her. He is caught by David, but later released.

Journey to France

Back in Okinawa, his research comes to a standstill as his Supervisor refuses to fund a trip to France to continue tracing the origins of the wine. He runs into Mao, who has been searching for Kai. When she realizes Okamura can help her find him, she forces him to pair up with her by stealing money from her Yakuza father and leaving a note saying she is running away with Okamura. As the pair continue exploring the truth, Okamura realizes that it is larger and more disturbing than he ever imagined.

Joining Red Shield

Okamura and Mao catch up with Saya and the others in Paris and are taken to the apartment where David and the others stayed. At first considered pests, David eventually taps Okamura's investigative abilities and requests their aid in looking into Diva's New York concert. After this, Okamura and Mao become unofficial members of Saya's group, first researching in Los Angeles, then joining them in New York after their apartment is blown up by Cinq Flèches.

Okamura tends to be relatively cynical, and though he often expresses annoyance at her tempestuous nature, he never seems to get tired of having Mao with him. Despite their regular bickering, they work well together. When he is asked to go with the others to Staten Island, Okamura leaves his favorite camera with Mao, asking her to look after it, though when she asks why he refuses to explain. At the end of the series, Okamura decides to go to the Middle East and Mao joins him.

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