Andrei is the son of Ted A. Adams. He was used by his father as a research subject and fully transformed into a chiropteran. Later he was embedded into a concrete block in “Sverdlovsk 51″ – a nuclear facility. Ted visits him on the night of his death and pulls a lever to lower Andrei down. Andrei awakens and drinks his fathers blood. Then the Red Shield attacks and the concrete block breaks, freeing Andrei. He fights with David and Kai who fire at him but with no results. Since the bullets are of no use, Kai throws one of the nearby gasoline containers at it, which David lights it up with his last bullet. The burning Chiropteran is able to see the moon, but then goes falling down the elevator shaft. His father’s last words before he dies are an apology to his son. When Kai asks what will happen to it he is told that Andrei will probably just keep sleeping for the time being.