Central park2

Central Park is a public park at the center of Manhattan in New York City. Stretching on the Upper West and East Side, Central Park encompasses much of Manhattan and is perhaps the largest park in New York City.

In the Anime

The park is shown on Episode 45. When Moses chases Kai to kill him in order to get James help to save Karman from thorn, Kai makes his way to Central Park’s Sheep Meadow.

Kai central park

Kai hiding in Sheep Meadows

Kai goes there out in the open park with the sun shining down so the Schiff cannot approach him. As he’s thinking about Moses, Kai gets a call from Lewis asking if he’s safe. Right as Lewis tells Kai to stay where he is, Moses appears above Kai and slashes down, destroying the bench that Kai dived away from. Breathing heavily, Moses chases after the now running Kai.

Kai stops to catch his breath by a large tree. Although there appears to be no one around him, Kai senses something and gets out of the way right as Moses embeds his scythe into that tree. Kai responds by firing off several shots at Moses’ hood, throwing it back and leaving Moses exposed to the sun. The light causes Moses great pain, dropping him to the ground on his knees. Kai isn’t going to stand by and watch Moses die like this, so he covers Moses up with his shirt and brings him into the shade of another tree.

Kai moses park

Kai and Moses in the shade

As Moses slowly gets back up, he says that if they had met earlier, they might have become good friends. However, it’s necessary now for him to kill Kai for Karman’s sake. Moses takes off his glove and grows out his spike arm aiming the projectile at Kai. The spike never hits Kai, instead piercing through Karman. With his anger towards the Chevalier and with man’s meddling (referring to the blood packets from Kai), Karman got enough strength to come here. He tells Moses to open his eyes because what he’s doing now won’t open up the future. Saya and Hagi arrive at this point, but Saya quickly figures out what’s going on and sheaths her sword. Getting up with Moses’ help, Karman asks Kai to give his weapon to Lulu.

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