Chiropteran Mummy
Saya n Diva's mother 30
General Information
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Race Chiropteran (Queen)
Status Deceased
Family Saya (Daughter)
Diva (Daughter)
Diva's Children (Granddaughters)
Occupation Mother and Queen Chiropteran
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Blood+ Light Novel
Debut Episode 30
Other Information

The Chiropteran Mummy is the mother of Saya and Diva and was presumably one of the previous queens before her daughters.


The Chiropteran Mummy was found by Joel I and was later brought to the Zoo from Iceland in the year 1832. Joel came to the conclusion that the Mummy is older than any other mummy yet discovered and the pelvic structure suggested that it was a female specimen.

Due to the large size of its abdomen, Joel dissected the Mummy to discover more about it. However, what he discovered were two cocoons inside, proving the Chiropteran Mummy had died in a pregnant state. He and his assistant, Amshel, brought the cocoons out and tried to cut it open but to no avail, as the cocoons were too tough.


However, when Amshel cut his finger and his blood dripped onto the cocoons, instantaneously they absorbed it and opened. Thus, Saya and Diva were born.

According to the light novel, the mummy was a viking treasure from Iceland and was given the name SAYA by them. Since Iceland was said to be uninhabited before the Vikings ever set foot during the 8th century, it is possible that the mummy, along with other chiropterans lived there and may have been the place of origin of the species.


  • The Chiropteran Mummy could be one of the two queens before Saya and Diva.
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