Christina island was abandoned after the fishing there died out. Now, the government uses the island to store nuclear
Christina Island map

Christina Island map

waste underground. The promotional video (music) company which has contract with Diva, got permission from the government to use that island for shooting. Diva and her chevaliers uses the place for a temporary base before Diva's performance. Meanwhile, Joel has made preparations for Saya and others to go to Christina Island by ship. In one of the ship’s cabins, Lewis is explaining the layout of Christina Island. The ship arrives near the island and the group
Christina Island

James tries to throw Saya inside and crush the walls

makes an amphibious landing through inflatable rafts. Surveying the landscape, Kai notices that there is light coming from building at the top of the hill. The three Schiff take off and come to a part of the island heavily guarded by the Corpse Corps. The fight begins in which James and Saya involves a little later. With the help of Schiff, James is overthrown.

The battle being over, Solomon reveals that by the time Saya and her friends came, Diva had already left the island. Solomon realized that it was his brother’s plan for him to reveal the information to Saya. The name of that brother is Amshel Goldsmith, a statement that elicits gasps from Lewis and David.

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