Blood+09 3

Season 01 Episode 09

Romanji Sorezore no Niji

Kanji それぞれの虹

Original Air Date 03 December 2005

US Air Date 13 May 2007

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Rainbow For Each

Riku and Kai meet a girl named Mui who lost a leg to an exploded bomb. While Kai plays baseball with the kids nearby, Riku gets acquainted with her.

Riku and Kai go back to Mui’s orphanage-like home with the other kids and stay there for the night. They learn that a certain pharmaceutical company is supporting the home, and that Mui is even getting medicine regularly from a man in a suit. In the middle of the night, Riku hears a sound and follows it outside with Mui. It seems that Van Argiano and his surveillance van are responsible for the noise, and Riku catches his eye for being able to hear it.

Meanwhile, Saya reports to David about what happened with the Phantom. Lewis then brings him and Julia photos of past victims from the school, all of whom have black hair and an Oriental complexion, just like Saya.

The next day, Riku finds Mui playing a long piano piece. Mui learns that something happened to her father and leaves Riku. Riku is later told that Mui was going to a music conservatory in France, in courtesy of the pharmaceutical company, but it seems that she’s abandoned the idea because of her family.

Riku finds Mui on the streets looking at a metal detector, which she wants to buy. Riku buys it for her, and gives her the money in his pocket before sending her off in a taxi towards her home. Later, Kai and Riku chase after her after Riku learns that the metal detector is used to find land mines. Luckily, they find her safe and sound in her village.

The two, again, stay there for the night, but Riku and Mui once again hear the sound. When they go outside to investigate, they’re kidnapped by a group of men led by the man from the pharmaceutical company. Kai follows but he drops unconscious when struck on head from behind.

Back in Japan, the reporter Akihiro is preparing to leave for Vietnam. Before he leaves, he sees a photo taken by his father from a fateful night during the Vietnam War: one of a Chiropteran.

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