Season 02 Episode 25

Romanji Akai Tate

Kanji 赤い盾

Original Air Date 1 April 2006

US Air Date 16 September 2007

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The Red Shield

In the dark of the night, Mao and Okamura wander around the estate where Saya and Diva had previously faced off. Mao accidentally touches a tree with a blood stain on it, which leads them to discover a trail of blood. They also find the broken katana blade on the ground.

Meanwhile, in the Red Shield headquarters, which happens to be a cruise ship, Saya and company are watching over an unconscious Riku. Kai is relieved that Riku is alive, but Saya wonders if she did the right thing. David then calls Saya into a strategy meeting with Joel and Collins. After updating Joel on Riku, Collins reports about an attack on the research facility in Iceland. This facility was providing genetic data to a company that wasn’t the Cinq Flèches Group. Joel then asks Saya about the Schiff, but she’s unable to provide much information.

After the meeting is over, Joel and David meet privately. Joel brings out the diary and explains that each generation of Joel writes in it, but there’s a blank for the day of the zoo tragedy. As a result, Red Shield was created back in 1883. The one who gets the Goldschmidt inheritance takes on the name of Joel and the role as head of the Red Shield. It is because of the Joel of six generations ago that Chiropterans have spread across the world. David and Joel are the only two people in Red Shield whose families have served two or more generations; David’s father died in Vietnam.

Saya almost runs into Kai looking into Riku’s room, but hides herself before he sees her. Talking with Hagi, she is still wondering if she did the right thing. Hagi condoles her saying that Riku will become Saya’s Chevalier and will be able to live a long time with his feelings only towards her, just like Hagi does.

Meanwhile, Julia reports to Collins about an unknown base that she has discovered in Riku’s blood. When Collins returns to his room, he gets a phone call from Van Argiano. Van wants Collins’ cooperation and suggests that they meet in Paris in seven days.

On the deck of the ship, David approaches Saya. She’s made up her mind not to run away until the fighting is over, until Diva is defeated. Hearing this, David presents Saya with her new “fang” – a katana with a red gem at the base of the blade which is from George's crystallized body. Saya confirms her determination to defeat Diva and Hagi pledges to carry out her wishes until that time comes.

Meanwhile, Okamura has stayed up all night reading and finally connects the Goldschmidt and Solomon Goldsmith. He decides that they need to go back to Paris to investigate. As morning dawns on the Red Shield ship, Riku wakes up.

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