General Information
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Deceased
Family Reimi (fiance)
Occupation Soldier
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Blood+ Light Novel
Status Supporting Character
Debut Episode 03
Other Information
Japanese Voice Yo Kitazawa
English Voice Crispin Freeman

Forest (also known as Simon "Crybaby" Forest) is George's friend. He somehow got infected and by the time he reaches Omoro, the restaurant run by George, he starts to change into a chiropteran after sensing Saya's presence. He attacks Saya but Hagi protects her. George takes Saya's katana and attacks Forest but gets seriously wounded by him. Forest flees for the time being. Later, he calls his wife, Reimi, to a warehouse where he sucks her blood. Kai, who has been following Reimi to find Forest for revenge, hears her shriek and rushes in to see her bloodless body. Forest attacks Kai but Saya comes just in time to save him and kill Forest with her blood.