George Miyagusuku
General Information
Age 59+
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Deceased
Kanji 宮城ジョージ
Height 6'2"
Family Saya (Adopted Daughter)
Kai (Adopted Son)
Riku (Adopted Son)
Faction Red Shield
Occupation Restaurant Owner
War Veteran
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Blood+ Manga
Blood+ Light Novel
Status Supporting Character
Debut Episode 01
Chapter 1
Other Information
Japanese Voice Hochu Otsuka
English Voice Wally Wingert

George Miyagusuku (宮城ジョージ Miyagusuku Jōji) was an Okinawan-American US Army veteran and the adoptive father of Kai, Riku and Saya.


He is a middle aged Japanese-American man with grey hair and a goetee with brown eyes. He is almost always cheerful around his children.


George is a kind person and the only one able to bring out Saya's more human, cheerful side. He defends Saya like a true father when Forrest attacks and she hesitates to fight. He has strong morals and requests his death rather than dying in chiropteran form.


  • George is good at baseball and he has taught Kai and Riku to play as well.
  • He is also a very good cook which is why he chose to run a restaurant.
  • He is proficient at shooting, being a military soldier. His gun was passed down to Kai.


George served in the Vietnam War as part of the US Army. He is one of the soldiers present when Saya goes insane in Vietnam, killing friends and enemies alike. One of the few survivors, he was asked by the first David to watch over Saya's sleeping body after she falls into another hibernation cycle.

He lost his wife and biological children in an accident years before, but was inspired to live by the sound of Saya's heart beating in her cocoon.

When Saya wakes up from her sleep from his family gravesite, he sees she is no longer a threat, and adopts her as his daughter. By this time, he also has two adopted sons, Kai and Riku.

While protecting Saya, he was attacked by a chiropteran. During his recovery from wounds, he is kidnapped from the hospital and taken to a US military base where he is infused with Delta 67. After escaping, he is again wounded by a chiropteran while protecting Saya. The Delta 67 and the wounds from the chiropteran begin to change him into a chiropteran, so he asks Saya to pour her blood into his wounds and kill him. Saya is very reluctant, though, because he is the only father she has ever known. While they talk, he holds her hands, causing her blood to slowly run down his arms to drip into his wounds and kill him.

A chunk of blood crystal from his crystallized body is later used to set on the newly forged katana for Saya.

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