General Information
Age 50+
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Kanji グレイ
Family Monique (adoptive daughter)
Nahabi (adoptive son)
Javier (adoptive daughter)
Occupation War Veteran (formerly)
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Blood+ Light Novel
Status Supporting Character
Debut Episode 33
Other Information
Japanese Voice Takayuki Sugo
English Voice Dave Wittenberg

Glay is a former acquaintance of David who lives in the outskirts of London in a quiet farmhouse.


Glay is an elderly person and is bald.


Glay was in Vietnam with George. He used to fight for the military and knew David's father and David well. After war, he runs an orphanage trying to do little things to make the world a more Peaceful Place. He takes care of three children Monique, Javier, and Nahabi.

When the Red Shield HQ was destroyed, David came to ask aid from Glay to let him, Lewis and Kai stay at his farmhouse. Glay allowed them to stay. Although he couldn't revive the failed spirit of David, who indulged to drinking, Glay taught his military expertise to Kai.

After Kai brings a wounded Saya with him, he lets her stay and even hides away her katana to refrain her from going before healing completely. Realizing that Saya and Kai have become quite distant, he tries to bring them together by letting them do unnecessary stuff together like - collecting eggs. He also plans a fishing trip to calm the atmosphere and help Kai and Saya get along.


Glay is like a father figure. He takes care of the small children. He guides Kai and trains him up to fight and also overcome hurdles of life. He chides David for becoming a person with forlorn hope and encourages him to get back up and be a soldier like he used to be. Glay usually stays calm under all circumstances. He is surprised to see Saya's wound inflicted by a chiropteran heal before his eyes but collects himself.

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