Joel's diary

It originally belongs to Joel I but after the incident at the chateau, it is passed on to the Goldschmidt generation to commemorate the event and keep on fighting Diva until she is brought to an end. The diary is the keeper of all records of Joel I - his work, research, findings and especially about Saya and Diva. The tracks of each day are kept until it comes to a halt on the day of his 72nd birthday, the page of which is marred by blood. After that there is no entry. As this diary holds all the secrets, it is preserved by the descendent Joels and only given to read to those who has sworn to Red Shield and has no way of turning back.


The diary starts in 1832, when Joel created the zoo for the purpose of private research. The diary reveals the timeline of events - the following are mentioned in the anime Episode 30:

April 8th, 1833 – The mummy arrives in the "Zoo". He had thought that this mummy would give an answer to evolution, so he and his assistant Amshel had dissected the specimen. Inside, they found two small cocoons. When Amshel was trying to open one of them, he accidentally cut himself. The two men noticed that the cocoons absorbed and reacted to the blood.

August 4th, 1833 – Two baby girls emerge from the cocoons. One of them was taken as an experimental subject and remained unnamed. The other was named Saya and raised normally. To Saya, Joel was a kind father, but to the experimental baby, he was a cruel researcher. Left mainly in the care of Amshel, that baby was given minimal food and had no education or love.

June 2nd, 1863 – For several years now, Saya and the other girl have not aged – their time had stopped. On this particular day, Saya had scraped her hand, but when Joel went to wipe it off, it had already healed. He discovered that when the two girls’ blood was mixed, it would crystallize. Joel then introduced Hagi as a groom for Saya, so that they could conceive a child specimen.

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