Joel Goldschmidt
Joel 0
General Information
Age 72
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Deceased
Kanji ジョエル・ゴルドシュミット
Family Joel Goldschmidt VI (descendant)
Amshel Goldsmith (relative)
Occupation Researcher
Appearance Blood+ Anime

Blood+ Manga
Blood+ Light Novel

Debut Episode 22
Chapter 3
Other Information
English Voice David Rasner

Joel Goldschmidt, the head of the Goldschmidt clan, was a wealthy researcher who studied evolution of beings. He was the one who first found Saya and Diva and raised them at the Zoo. All his findings and important events remain as entries to his diary, which is later handed on throughout generations of clan heads who run Red Shield.


Joel established the Zoo in Bordeaux, France for research purpose. He found a mummy in Iceland and brought it over to the zoo. The mummy was named - SAYA.

In 1833, he and his assistant Amshel dissected the mummy and found two cocoons. From there, two baby girls were born. He separated the sisters after birth, raising Saya like his own daughter, while locking the unnamed up in a tower, for scientific reasons. Joel took care of Saya, while his assistant Amshel provided for Diva's basic needs.

Joel was killed by Diva in 1883 on his seventy-second birthday after Saya released her from the tower to sing at his birthday party.


Joel was a kind father to Saya, taking care of her, fulfilling her requirements, and spending time with her. But to Diva, he was a cruel scientist, using her only as an experimental subject and leaving her locked up all the while. Solomon calls him a man who simply had not idea what to do with his vast wealth.


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