General Information
Age 31+
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Kanji ルイス
Height 5'9"
Faction Red Shield
Occupation Intelligence Gatherer of Red Shield
CIA Agent (formerly)
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Blood+ Manga
Blood+ Light Novel
Status Supporting Character
Debut Episode 02
Chapter 1
Other Information
Japanese Voice Takashi Nagasako
English Voice David Rasner

Lewis is a regular member of Red Shield and is responsible for providing gadgets and transportation for the organization's operatives.


Despite being a former CIA agent, Lewis appear to be a oversize man. He is seen wearing a orange shirt and a black singlet underneath. At the final battle, he wear black suit with a black bow tie. When he arrived at Okinawa with Joel, he is seen wearing a black suit with a black tie.



He also provides intel from the CIA during American operations thanks to the connections formed when he was CIA agent, working under the name of Sammy. He regularly accompanies David during operations, and after Kai becomes a member of Red Shield they frequently work together as well. In the English dub of the series, Lewis is given a Jamaican accent despite his being a native-Okinawan in the original Japanese track. Lewis is usually seen carrying a multi shot shotgun as his weapon of choice.


Lewis helped David and Julia to infiltrate into Lycee to investigate about the container that Saya has been talking about.

Mission in Russia

After Saya and Riku being dragged off from the train in Russia, Lewis and the rest went to Ekaterinburg to look for Ted A. Adams.

Reunion With Saya

A year later, Saya returns and distant herself with everyone. Lewis trying to get Saya to get along with the rest of the people at Glay's house.

In New York

After they were surrounded by the chiropterans outside the Opera House, Lewis stayed behind with Lulu to hold them back while Kai and David made their way into the Opera House to aid Saya.

After the Final Battle

Lewis came back to Okinawa with Joel after Red Shield have eliminate all the chiropterans that have being affected by delta 67. He is shown to trying to give Kai some cooking techniques and tips.


Lewis is a cheerful and happy man who loves to eat. He is also a good cook. He is shown to be playing cupid around David and Julia.

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