Martin Bormann
General Information
Age 44+
Gender Male
Race Chiropteran (Chevalier)
Status Deceased
Height 5'7"
Family Diva (queen)
Amshel (Chevalier brother)
Grigori (Chevalier brother)
Solomon (Chevalier brother)
Karl (Chevalier Brother)
Faction Cinq Flèches
Occupation Head of Nazi Party
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Blood+ Light Novel
Debut Episode 12
Other Information
Little is Known about Diva's third chevalier, Martin Bormann. He was a high-ranking Nazi. He is only briefly shown on a photograph from 1943 and was killed in Germany in 1945 by Solomon under Amshel's orders. Bormann appears to be based on the historical figure of the same name who was the head of the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler's Private Secretary.
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