Monique 01
General Information
Age 17+
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
Kanji モニーク
Height 5'1"
Family Deceased parents
Glay (Adoptive father)
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Blood+ Light Novel
Status Supporting Character
Debut Episode 33
Other Information
Japanese Voice Kaori Nazuka
English Voice Stephanie Sheh

Monique is a young human girl living at Glay's farmhouse.


Monique lost her parents in war and has been residing with Glay. She helps him to run the orphanage work looking after the smaller children. She also takes care of the household chores.

When Kai, Lewis and David come to stay at Glay's place, she gradually develops feelings for Kai but doesn't show. She learns about Saya from Kai and wants to meet her. So, when Saya is brought there unconscious, Monique attends her. She washes her clothes. When she closely observes Saya who has been sleeping, she realizes that Saya must be having a nightmare. As she gets closer, all on a sudden Saya sits up straight and aims for her mistaking her for a chiropteran. Monique becomes afraid of her but tries to get along.

Later, Monique is attacked by a chiropteran which has followed Saya's scent. Saya rushes to her rescue and both David and Kai stir up to kill the chiropteran.

Before Javier's birthday, she goes shopping and seeing Saya nearby, Monique goes up to her and invites her to attend the party. Saya keeps the promise and comes to Javier's birthday party.


Monique is a nice, kind girl. She looks after Nahabi and Javier. She liked Kai and realizing his love for Saya, she wished to see her in person. She is seen to make a silent confession about her liking for Kai to Mao.