SPAS-12 along with other rifles

The SPAS-12 is a pump action shotgun that fires what appears to be buckshot. It's a combination action shotgun, capable of pump or semi-auto with the pressing of a button. Usually the gun is only used in pump mode when under powered shells are used. Only full loads are capable of operating the semi-auto system.

Used By

In the Anime

When Saya, Hagi and David go to rescue George, David equips himself with a Franchi SPAS-12 with no stock and loaded with slug rounds. Lewis mentions that this weapon is not enough to kill a Chiropteran, but David comments that it's all he needs because Saya is the ultimate weapon against Chiropterans.

In Episode 12, the team of Red Shield agents led by Clara all use SPAS-12s when the group assaults the Cinq Flèches facility in Vietnam. Lewis also uses a SPAS-12 on various occasions throughout the series.

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