Solomon's penthouse

This penthouse is where Solomon Goldsmith resides during his time in New York and after his subsequent defection from Diva. It is located in the Midtown area of Manhattan, New York (otherwise known as the heart of New York City) and is exceptionally close to the iconic Empire State Building.

In the Anime


Interior of the penthouse

In Episode 43, Saya wakes up in Solomon's penthouse where she has been brought after she was rescued by Solomon. There Solomon pleads her to stay with him but Saya makes her way to the open terrace to leave. She resorts to jump from a great height but Solomon stops her. On the verge of convincing her - promising her a peaceful life, to take her to the most beautiful places on earth and even making her family his own; Solomon gets cut off by Hagi. Saya's stay in the penthouse is not prolonged and Solomon is once again left alone.

Empire state building

The Empire State Building

Later on Episode 46, Solomon is visited by Nathan in his penthouse. Nathan comes to convey him the news of Diva giving birth to the new twin queens.

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