Solomon Goldsmith
Solomon 13 2
General Information
Age 110+
Gender Male
Race Chiropteran (Chevalier)
Status Deceased (anime)
Alive (manga)
Kanji ソロモン・ゴールドスミス
Height 5'9" (human form)

6'4" (chiropteran form)

Family Amshel (older brother)
Joel I (relative)
Joel VI (relative)
Diva (queen)
Grigori (Chevalier brother)
Martin (Chevalier brother)
Karl (Chevalier brother)
James (Chevalier Brother)
Nathan (Chevalier brother)
Faction Cinq Flèches (defected)
Occupation CEO of Cinq Flèches (formerly)
Military Doctor (formerly)
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Blood+ Manga
Blood+ Light Novel
Status Supporting Character
Debut Episode 11
Chapter 2
Other Information
Japanese Voice Koji Tsujitani
English Voice Dave Wittenberg

Solomon Goldsmith was Diva's fourth chevalier. However, he later betrayed her in the hopes of securing Saya Otonashi's love.


Solomon was a blood relative of Amshel Goldsmith and thus related to the Goldschmidt family of France. Youngest of the Goldsmiths, his family wanted him to enter the military during the First World War to further expand their powers, though they had established many banks and businesses at the time. But wanting to help people in need, Solomon went into the medical field and though he didn't directly participate in the war, he became a military doctor instead. [1] However, because of what he witnessed during this time, the constant bloodshed of war terrified him and he wanted a war-free life.

Solomon human2

Solomon in his human form as he accepts his fate.

Solomon was introduced to Diva by Amshel in 1917 during the Russian Revolution. At this point he agrees to become a chevalier as he wanted to free himself from seeing humans kill each other, and hoped that peace would prevail. But afterwards, he started seeing humans as insignificant and beneath him. Though as time passed, he realized the world of the chiropterans is just as full of war as the human one. Because he was wearing white at the time, it is the only color that Solomon wears as it is a symbol of him being Diva's chevalier.

Goldsmith brothers

The Goldsmith brothers watching Karl become a Chevalier.

That same year, Solomon later helped Amshel to bring in and forcibly turn Karl into Diva's next chevalier; feeling guilty for the pressure on Karl's mind that the forced conversion has created, Solomon decided to watch over Karl and forges a brotherly bond with him. During the Second World War, they both served as officers for the Allied Forces. [2] In 1945, he is ordered by Amshel to execute Martin Bormann, Diva’s third chevalier for unspecified reasons.

Many decades later, he eventually becomes head of Cinq Flèches Pharmaceuticals and leads the company as the most successful CEO for five years.


Human Form

Solomon is of French descent and one of the most charming characters in the series. Owning handsome attributes like a kind and gentle smile, he is shown to be the eye-catcher of every woman in any gathering. Retaining the appearance of a young man in his early to mid-20s, he has pale skin, light green eyes, and wavy pale blond hair. His ever smiling face displays his peaceful nature. However, his eyes turn glowing red whenever he gets serious and fights using his chiropteran abilities while in human form.

Chiropteran Form

Solomon has blond hair falling over his shoulders and glowing red eyes while in his chiropteran form. Unlike his brothers and most chiropterans, he doesn't posses a maw of razor sharp fangs, instead owning very few small sharp teeth. He has dark beige skin, long pointy ears, and bat-like wings that are reminiscent of a wyvern. He uses his full transformation twice: rescuing Saya Otonashi and Kai Miyagusuku from James Ironside and fighting with Hagi in New York. Normally, he uses a partial transformation of his right hand to fight, which starts from the fingertips and transforms into a bluish blade.



When first introduced, Solomon is depicted as a true gentleman; polite and always friendly. Seemingly cheerful and light-hearted in nature, he is always calm and unlike most of his brothers, rarely serious. As the series progresses, he is shown to be quite reluctant, especially where Amshel is concerned and has many regrets taking orders from him in the past. Possibly due to witnessing the horrors of war, he has an aversion for fighting, claiming it to be unnecessary. Because of this, he is typically a peace-loving person and wishes for a war-free life.

However, despite being polite, he is rather secretive, and will not avoid being disagreeable. He is also very dishonest and seemingly manipulative as evinced when he confronts Saya at the Zoo. In spite of his great distaste for violence, he will only fight when necessary. Though he often holds back at first, he is extremely ruthless and sadistic, making certain that his opponent is truly dead. He appears to not like things being kept from him, especially where his older brother’s plans are concerned. Solomon also seems to possess a streak of indecisiveness as he is at conflict between preserving the interests of his family and protecting Saya from them.

Because of his previous life as a doctor and his desire to help people back then, he is compassionate and caring, mostly towards Karl and Saya. He seems to be a bit assertive, too forward even when he prevents Saya from running away and later asks her to be his bride. Despite his usually calm nature, he is seemingly emotional, especially later on in the series.



Because of Amshel being his biological relative, Solomon has great respect for his older brother. Though Solomon follows whatever orders he is given, he still has regrets for his actions. He later becomes suspicious of Amshel upon discovering the existence of the Schiff which he was never told about. Upon discovering his feelings for Saya, Solomon and Amshel fight, much to the reluctance of the former, though Nathan quells the situation. As he is dying, Solomon tries to attack Amshel, only for it to be in vain as much of his body has crystallized.


Solomon was very close to Karl and was the only one out of his other brothers to even check up on him. However, their close bond is perhaps a result of Solomon's own guilt of forcing Karl to become a chevalier via Amshel's orders. After being forced to kill his own brother for the second time, Solomon was visibly saddened and confesses that he admired and envied Karl for following his pure heart, but realized that he misunderstood him despite constantly watching over him.


Solomon and James are first seen briefly interacting, but from their first few encounters, he is surprisingly good-natured around his serious younger brother. Following the incident at the Zoo, Solomon wonders to James if he also feels Amshel is hiding something from them, to which the latter defends their older brother and accuses Solomon of being a traitor himself. Later on in the series and after the battle on Christina Island, Solomon and James are at odds with each other as one wishes to kill Saya and the other is always protecting her. Because of this, Solomon doesn't hesitate in fighting James and at one point even tells him to go to Hell.[3]


Solomon and Nathan seem to get along as they greet each other after years of being reunited. Later in the series, Nathan visits him after being rejected by Saya, and seemingly depressed over it, he is unusually silent but goes with his brother to meet Diva's children. After Nathan explains that Solomon should no longer bother with Saya because of the arrival of the next generation, Solomon doesn't believe in changing his mind, prompting the latter to tell him to grow up.


Solomon was Diva's favorite chevalier, thus they are seen getting along well when they first interact. Like all her other chevaliers, he is protective of her, often referring to her as his lover and mother. But when she decides to kill Saya at the Zoo, Solomon tries to persuade her from doing otherwise, only for her to refuse. That same day, Solomon was upset at Diva being brought to the Zoo by Amshel, possibly because he wanted to have Saya join their side without any conflict. During the second half of the series, Solomon isn't seen much around Diva until he finally arrives in New York to talk to her about the past. Even though he was disowned, he claimed to have still cared about Diva and was honored to have been her chevalier. But after promising Saya that he would kill Diva for her and later acting on it, this is possibly no longer the case.


When Solomon first met Saya, he initially asked her to dance because she was the only female who wasn't staring, but he later admits to Van that she was a wonderful girl. After their brief encounter at Karl's Mansion, Saya always seems to be on his mind and he hesitates to agreeing to Amshel's plans. It isn't until Solomon asks if there wasn't any chance that he might convince her, to which Amshel reassures him otherwise. When he finally meets Saya at the Zoo, he pleads that he only wishes to talk to her. However, during the conversation, he takes advantage of her amnesia and intentionally lies to her about her past, and accuses her of having a fake family. Even though this was a ploy to get her to join the opposing side and ultimately prevent anymore bloodshed as well as her own death, he still upsets her but feels bad about making her cry.

After Diva drains Riku of his blood, Solomon still tries to persuade her, only for to reject him and he admits that he hoped that they would have become great friends and as such, is deeply saddened by her decision. Though she has rejected his request, Solomon still tries to help Saya when he relays information to David about Diva's planned attack on Red Shield headquarters. It isn't til a year later where he willingly interferes with his brothers many attempts at killing her as when he aided in ending Karl's life and almost killed James. At this point, he says that he has fallen in love with her and is disowned by Diva in light of his feelings. Despite getting rejected, he was still devoted to Saya and protected her to the bitter end in her last battle against James.


Being Diva's chevalier, Solomon and Hagi have a mutual animosity towards each other. During their first battle, Solomon wanted to kill Hagi for not only interfering with Saya joining the opposing side, but because he felt that he as a chevalier was not respecting the wishes of his queen. When they fight for the second time, it is for Saya's love as Solomon didn't just want to remove his only competition, but believed that all of Saya's time with Hagi brought her nothing but sadness.


Solomon is Van's superior and as such keeps in contact with him during most of the first half of the series. Even though Van is aware of the existence of chiropterans, Solomon often keeps him out of the loop on certain things, such as the origins of D67 and him and Karl being chevaliers. In Vietnam, Van always tries to get Solomon to review the results of the Delta Project, but he refuses for unspecified reasons. After Solomon learns of the Schiff, he never tells Van what happened to the bodies as he was the one who was responsible. When Van attempts to investigate their origins and speculates that the Goldsmiths were behind it, Solomon orders him to stop the investigation, possibly fearing for his family's reputation. This is rather odd as most people in Europe are already aware that Goldsmith Holdings also owns Cinq Flèches and are familiar with the CEO's full name. Solomon completely drops contact with Van after being replaced by him as CEO of the company.

Anime Plot

Season 1

Solomon is first heard talking to Karl Fei-Ong who says he will be moving the container to the farmhouse because someone has been snooping around. Solomon then says that they are both chevaliers and therefor want the same thing. Karl answers that he has nothing to hide, yet purposefully fails to mention Saya Otonashi who has recently entered the school.

Solomon saya

Solomon meets Saya Otonashi for the very first time at the school ball.

The day of the school gala is when Solomon makes his full appearance as nearly the entire female student body fawns over him. He then notices Saya, the only girl who wasn't staring at him and unknowingly introduces himself to her as a delightful young man, asking her to dance. After the dance he apologized, telling her that he had only asked her as she was the only girl who wasn't staring at him. Van then comes to retrieve him, scolding him for wasting time at the school but never having any to see the results of the Delta project. He then overhears Min call out to the girl as Saya and is not only surprised, but wonders to himself what he'll do about Karl.

At the farmhouse, Solomon and Van Argiano watch Karl as he wanders around the container that holds Diva. Van then tells Solomon that Karl shouldn't have any disregard for his strategics concerning the project since he is in charge. Solomon wonders if it bothers him to which Van says he's been wanting to take him to the research facility to show him the results rather than wasting time where they are now. Solomon retorts that he can be such a nag and reassures him that he believes the results are up to par and is simply leaving everything up to him. He then asks Van to tell him everything he knows about the samurai man.

As Karl is looking over old photographs, Solomon approaches him, saying that it was two days after that he lost his arm and now understands why he is in such a hurry to relocate Diva. He then tells him that he heard about the samurai man and how it's only natural to hold a personal grudge against Saya, but that he can't kill her. Karl interrupts him, asking if that is their wish or his personal wish. Solomon lightly threatens that he'll tell Amshel Goldsmith but Karl tells him not to. Solomon then leaves saying that it is up to Karl if he doesn't want that to happen. Later when Van has trouble opening the container with his cardkey, Karl successfully opens it, shocking Van at the contents. Solomon then muses that it's raw materials for Delta 67 and how Diva is having a fun dream. The child test subjects suddenly escape their quarters as they hum along to Diva's singing, angering Van. Karl then takes them to greet Saya as Solomon says the samurai man is approaching and leaves his older brother in charge to watch over Diva. As Van is ready to keep Karl from going further, Solomon stops him and says if he can't see how helpless the former is.

Solomon 13

Solomon is confronted by an enraged Karl Fei-Ong.

When Saya is free from her berserk state, thanks to Kai, Karl is about to attack him only for Solomon to order him to control himself. As he and Van are ready to depart with Diva's container on the Sea Hawk 1 helicopter, an angry Karl approaches Solomon asking why he stopped him. Solomon communicates with him telepathically, telling him that Saya is not to be killed because that was what their older brother ordered. Saya then arrives to confront Karl but remembers Solomon from the school Gala. When Karl transforms leaving Van in shock, Solomon confirms that he is the result of the Delta Project. Later after David fails to catch up to the other helicopter, Van wonders who he was to which Solomon replies that they are the Red Shield, a group of people trying to stop their experiments. As Van muses how Karl was using D67, Solomon lightly comments that wasn't the case.

Season 2

Solomon meets up with James Ironside on the latter's naval aircraft carrier to check the condition of Diva's container. When James asks how it was, Solomon replies that he was fine, but thanks him anyway. James retorts that he was referring to Diva, to which Solomon tells him not to be so snide. He then asks if Karl's whereabouts have been confirmed, and James answers that they haven't. In light of this information, Solomon decides to leave James in charge of Diva for the time being and leaves.


Solomon goes against Amshel's wishes and decides to see Saya at the Zoo.

Solomon meets his chevalier brothers in his Paris mansion where Diva resides after her awakening. The chevaliers discuss what to do with Saya Otonashi, settling on the decision to kill her should she pose any danger for their queen, Diva. However, Solomon is unease with this decision, wishing for Saya to live on instead, but reluctantly agrees after Amshel Goldsmith reassures him that he would try to convince her to join their side first. Later that day, Solomon can't seem to get Saya out of his mind and apologizes aloud to his older brother. But just as it seemed he was alone, Dismas and Gestas sneak up on him, announcing that they've come for his blood. They soon engage in battle, and while Solomon seems to hold the advantage, Dismas severs his arm to which the chevalier says if he will have to hold back any longer. Following the ordeal, Van and his team are seen retrieving the bodies which were said to be ripped to shreds. Solomon at that moment finally decides that he must go see Saya at the Zoo.

The following day, he is seen on the phone with Van who informs him of an abandoned research facility that was was sponsored by one of the Goldsmiths. Solomon, possibly fearing for his family's reputation and is aware that it was the schiff who drained the corpses of their blood, orders Van to stop the investigation and hangs up. Unsettled at mind, Solomon drives to Saya's next destination: the Chateau to meet her. On the way, the path is blocked by Akihiro Okamura and Mao Jahana's car and as he honks the horn of own, Mao yells for him to shut up, only for her to quickly apologize about the car. Solomon reassures her that he was in a hurry and drives off.

Solomon 23 2

Solomon forces Saya Otonashi to hear him out.

Confronting Saya, he tries to convince her to join the chiropteran side rather than destroying them. However, Diva's sudden appearance and assault on Riku Miyagusuku diverts Saya's attention. Solomon retreats with Diva while Saya is left more firm in her decision to fight the chiropterans. Because of the trouble Diva caused when she drained Riku of his blood, Solomon meets with Amshel and asks why he brought her to the Zoo to which Amshel replies that it was Diva's wish.

Season 3

After Riku Miyagusuku's conversion into a chevalier, Solomon and James Ironside are watching Diva. Solomon then asks James if he feels that Amshel Goldsmith is keeping secrets to which James responds that whatever their big brother does is for a good reason and wonders if Solomon could be a traitor himself.

He confronts Amshel a second time, who asks if it was concerning Solomon's trip to the Zoo and tells him that despite what he did he was sure it was for a good cause. This not being the case, Solomon visibly frustrated asks why Amshel created the Schiff without first consulting him, prompting Amshel to dismiss it by claiming that it was part of their plans and to leave everything to him.

Following the Red Shield's arrival to Paris, Solomon receives a call from Amshel concerning a job transfer for Van Argiano. At first he seems confused but obliges nonetheless. However, after the call ends, someone sneaks up and tries to attack Solomon. He is then greeted by the attacker as Karl who has disappeared since Vietnam and shows off his new replacement arm. Solomon then realizes that it must have been the work of Amshel.

Solomon 31 2

Solomon informs David about the planned attack on Red Shield.

In spite of his brothers intentions to kill her, Solomon's feelings for Saya only continues to grow as the series progresses. After the chevaliers learn of Red Shield's location, he meets David who draws his gun, to which Solomon tells him to put away as it wouldn't do him any good. David wonders what he wants and Solomon answers that he has no time to play games and tips him off about the plan of his brothers launching an assault on the Red Shield HQ. Distrusting of Solomon, David asks why he should believe him and Solomon responds that he does not wish for Saya to die as she is a member of the chiropteran family, and whether David believes him or not is up to him. He then leaves, urging David to take Saya away to safety.

When Diva is left in the care of Karl who disappears with her to attack Red Shield, Solomon calls Amshel who was about to meet the defected Julia Silverstein and Dr. Aston Collins and informs of him of the situation, making Amshel cancel the meeting. He asks Solomon where Karl would've went, but Solomon says he doesn't know.

A year later, the five chevaliers assemble once more to discuss the progress of the Delta Project and learn news of Saya's return. Solomon, still growing ever concerned for her asks if they could just leave her alone for now to which Amshel declines, saying she is a threat and leaves James in charge of killing her. Karl, angry at the idea, threatens to kill Amshel and just as he is about to transform, Solomon begs him to calm down. He is then reminded by Amshel that they must attend a meeting and they both take their leave.

After a jealous Karl Fei-Ong takes the Corpse Corps from their containers and plans on killing Saya Otonashi himself, Amshel Goldsmith informs Solomon of the situation. Solomon then muses how Saya was Karl's reason for being which is why he wishes to kill her. Amshel notes that because of this, Karl is unstable and Solomon asks if he wants him to rescue Karl to which Amshel says otherwise. Solomon confronted with killing a fellow chevalier for the second time is praised for his efforts in Germany by Amshel who says that Karl is not allowed to kill Saya. Solomon can do nothing but reply that his brother is cruel as he obviously feels reluctant to kill his closest brother. Later, Solomon rushes to Glay's house and thinks back to the conversation he and Amshel had. Amshel asks if Solomon remembers when Karl was turned into a chevalier and Solomon recalls that he was forced into it. Amshel then goes on to explain that according to Grigori's theory, those of Asian descent were considered to be the best candidates for chevaliers and hence Karl was made into a test subject. Solomon says that this was the same time that test subjects were only available from Asia and Amshel replies that the "seeds" were first planted in Russia, Germany, and Vietnam respectively.

Solomon 37

Solomon helping Saya finally kill Karl.

Back in the present, as Karl is draining Saya of her blood, Solomon appears behind him, slicing off the arm that restrained Saya, allowing her to use her sword and impale herself through Karl. As Karl begins crystallizing, the last thing he sees before dying was Solomon, whom he was shocked to see. Solomon orders the Corpse Corps to return to their beds, and as Saya tries to pull her sword from her gut, he stops her, warning her that if she pulls too hard she could damage her internal organs. He then takes it upon himself to help her and draws the blade out of her body with ease. Solomon tells her how he envied Karl for following his pure heart, but did not understand him as he was isolated which he saw in Saya. Ever guilty about Karl's death, he further explains that Karl and Saya were different as Karl's isolation drove him mad, yet Saya isolated herself on purpose to protect her comrades, despite them always wishing to be by her side. He then informs of her of Diva's plan to go to Christina Island, to which Saya wonders why he helped her, yet he can only reply that he may also feel lonely, too and leaves.

Solomon confession

Solomon finally confesses his feelings for Saya.

As Saya is fighting James on Christina Island, Solomon meets Amshel who notes how long it took him to come. Solomon replies that he's been busy and has come to tell him the news of Karl's death to which Amshel applauds his effort to the cause and tells his younger brother that Saya was on Christina Island. Solomon then says that he thought that Diva was going there to shoot a video, but Amshel responds that she wasn't according to his schedule, leaving Solomon shocked to see that Diva was with them the whole time.

At Christina Island where James drags Saya and Kai along into the large ditch he had prepared, Solomon in his chiropteran form suddenly swoops down and cuts James' arm off as he bids him farewell. He then rescues Saya and Kai from falling, noting that he arrived just in time. Afterwards, Solomon tells the Red Shield group that it was a trap set by his older brother, who he confirms as Amshel, the one who leads all of Diva's chevaliers. Saya then wonders why he keeps helping her, to which he confesses that if he said that he fell in love with her, would she ever believe him. As a jealous Hagi stands protectively in front of Saya, Solomon says that he knows that Hagi of all people would never trust him and informs the group that Diva is on her way to New York. He then excuses himself, saying that he must get going and leaves.

Season 4

Solomon finally arrives at New York to Nathan's Residence, clad in a black suit to signify his loyalty to Saya, and tells Amshel that he has come to talk to Diva about the past. He first asks her if she remembers when they first met or if that was too far back in the past and she replies that he was wearing white. He then says that it was towards the end of World War I in the basement of Amshel's castle that he had met her. Solomon states that he initially wanted to free himself of the traumas of war and hoped peace would prevail, but eventually stopped caring as he began seeing humans as insignificant after being part of a race of superior beings. Hating humans because of how reckless and foolish they were, he says that their pain and suffering no longer meant anything to him, but admits that he soon came to realize that the world of chiropterans was just as full of war as the human world; the war between Diva and Saya. Diva responds that it was Saya who started the war against her, only for Solomon to confess that he cannot see her as their enemy. Diva protests that her sister is trying to kill her, and Solomon could do nothing but say that he knows.

40 2

Solomon admits his feelings for Saya to Diva.

Diva eventually realizes that Solomon is in love with Saya, to which the latter reluctantly admits to, saying that he wants to live with her as someone who loves her. Diva disowns him, telling him that he is Solomon, the chevalier who went astray and says that if he really wants Saya, then he should take her and make her have his babies. Amshel confronts Solomon who he tells if he expects to leave unharmed. Solomon retorts that fighting would be meaningless as it is Saya's blood alone that can kill them. They eventually do battle until Nathan stops them, reminding them both that if they keep destroying everything he'll have to find a new place to live and says to also not disturb those who are sleeping. Solomon then realizes that James survived on Christina Island. Amshel tells Solomon that his love for Saya is just part of his instinct as a chevalier and if he really wants to make Saya his, then he should be the one to kill her. Solomon disagrees, saying if that is the case then is Amshel's love for Diva just part of him being a chevalier too. He further explains that he loves Saya as Solomon Goldsmith and that the most important thing is that he is himself.

During the night of Diva's performance at the Air Base in North Carolina, Saya is overpowered by Amshel, and Solomon coming to her rescue, tosses a dagger meant for Diva that Amshel catches instead. Solomon then takes the unconscious Saya in his arms and kidnaps her, much to the chagrin of Kai and Hagi. When she awakens in his penthouse apartment, he tells her to meet him upstairs. There, she wonders what happened to her clothes and he replies that he disposed of them as they were torn up and dirty, but tells her that she looked better suited in a dress than carrying a sword. He compliments her further, saying that the view of the skyscrappers could never compare to her beauty. Angry, she tells him not to say things like that because he is Diva's chevalier and that they're enemies who are supposed to hate and kill each other. He tries to coax her, saying that he wanted to bring that smile back on her face only for her to run outside and attempt to escape, believing that he was trying to trick her so that he could whisk her away for Diva to slaughter. He urges her not to jump, reminding her that she is too weak to go any further and pulls her into his arms. He confesses his love for her, promising to take her anywhere in the world and asks her to marry him. She admits that it's always been her dream to travel the world but left it behind long ago. She wonders about the lives of her family and friends and Solomon assures her that he would willingly accept them. He tells her that he is a man who loves her like no other and tries to kiss her, but she slaps him instead. He pulls her into a hug, telling her that he would fulfill her every wish, even if it means burning in hell. Saya then pushes him away, saying that her true wish is to kill Diva. Solomon says that he would do that for her and she wonders if it's really possible. He then tells her to give her the order and it is done, but before she could say anything, she momentarily dozes off due to her weakening state.

Solomon 43

Solomon fighting Hagi for Saya's love.

Hagi then interrupts, taking Saya into his arms and proclaiming that Solomon would not take her anywhere. Solomon responds that the truth is that Saya will be his bride to which Hagi says is impossible as she is his reason for being. Solomon says that his situation is about to drastically change and attacks him. The two begin fighting and seem to be equally matched. As Saya tries to get invloved, believing that everything was her fault, Solomon knocks Hagi onto the roof of another building and stabs him in the abdomen. He then tells Hagi that he has given Saya nothing but sadness and says that he should be smart enough to give up, saying that they shouldn't be fighting like children. Hagi is eventually able to retaliate as he grabs Solomon's arm and tosses him into a nearby building. As Solomon is falling, he transforms into a chiropteran and takes Hagi by surprise when he threatens to drop him from the Empire State building, noting that a chevalier would never survive that height. As Hagi falls, Saya does, too, prompting Solomon to go after her. However, Hagi makes it in time, revealing his true form and saves Saya. Upon reaching the ground, Saya apologies to Solomon saying that she appreciates his feelings and that killing Diva is her duty. Being rejected, Solomon becomes emotional, believing that she thought otherwise. As she is about to leave, Solomon reveals to her that Diva is pregnant with Riku's children and wonders if she can truly kill her family. Upset, she finally leaves and Solomon sinks into a depressed state.

Solomon 47

Solomon imprisoned.

Seemingly many days later, Solomon is seen with an uncharacteristically disheveled appearance, sitting alone and wonders how he'll live without Saya. Nathan suddenly appears, commenting that she dumped him and invites Solomon to visit Diva and the babies. While there, Solomon notes the arrival of the next generation and Nathan remarks that since they're here, he no longer has a reason to bother with Saya. Solomon replies that he already knows that it doesn't change anything, to which Nathan threateningly retorts for him to grow up a little. However, Solomon suddenly appears behind Diva and says that she must die. Off-screen, he is easily defeated and seemingly left for dead as Diva tells Nathan to clean up the mess. He then notes that a chevalier could never survive after losing that much blood and calls Solomon stupid.

Solomon saya2

Solomon protects Saya as her Chevalier.

James, who was ordered to kill Solomon, visits the imprisoned chevalier and taunts him, calling him a slaughtered barn animal. Solomon tells him to go to Hell to which James slaps him and promises to kill Saya and bring her head in front of him to kiss like Salome did to John the Baptist. Later, Nathan comes to see Solomon and tells him that falling in love drove him off course and wonders had he met Saya sooner would it have changed anything. He then asks how it will feel to kiss the head of Saya and frees Solomon, giving him a change of clothes. As Saya is about to be killed by James with her own sword, Solomon rushes to the scene and stops the attack. He declares that he has formed a bond that is stronger and sweeter than anything; a bond beyond blood and promises that he will always be Saya's chevalier whether he is rewarded or not. Unable to turn into a chiropteran as James notes, Solomon is able to partially transform his arm and injure James enough to let go of Saya's Sword which falls and cuts his shoulder. He further tries to protect her only in vain as he is knocked back by a swing of James' arm. After his brother's death, he kneels before Saya, telling her that should she ever need him, to call his name and he'll be there and leaves. As Saya tries to call out to him, he is already gone and Hagi tells her that Solomon formed a bond beyond blood out of love for her. In an alley, he begins to crystallize. Yet when Amshel shows up, he attempts to attack him but fails as he shatters while his brother watches, commenting on his foolishness. It is unknown as to whether Saya ever learned of his death as no one is shown telling her.

Manga Plot

Solomon manga

Solomon in the manga by Asuka Katsura.

In the manga version, Solomon's character and backstory are drastically different than that of his anime counterpart. Here and like his other brothers (sans Charles) he was turned into a chevalier at the behest of Amshel by Diva, with the latter never having any genuine interest in him. His previous life as a medical doctor seems to also be absent and his motivation for becoming a chevalier are shrouded in mystery (though it is presumed that he was convinced by Amshel).

In the story, Amshel orders Solomon to calm down Charles, to which he obliges. Upon meeting the boy, Solomon teases him for no longer being Diva's chevalier, prompting Charles to slice off his older brother's hand. Suddenly, Solomon's light-hearted attitude disappears as he attacks Charles, dismembering several of his limbs. After the squabble, Solomon cheerfully bids him farewell as Charles disdainfully retorts that he will always be alone. He then joins Van whom he calls evil for admitting to being falsely devoted to Charles. Van then invites Solomon to review the results of the Delta project, to which the chevalier says that he would love to. Later, he gives Van a box to be taken to Charles as a 'present'.

He is eventually left in charge of the rest of the experiment as he plays Diva's song, turning the humans who ingested the D67 pills, Mui included, into chiropterans who all attack Saya. As she slaughters them in her newly awakened state, Solomon watches the scene in delight, commenting that it makes him want her. Following the spectacle, he watches Charles, ensuring that he is given his 'gift' which later turns out to be an explosive prosthetic arm and said to be used for the final stage of the experiment. Once Charles and Riku are left for dead, Solomon and Van depart from the scene, leaving Saya to take care of the rest.

Knowing that Saya turned Riku into her chevalier, Solomon relays this information to Amshel who plans to attack the Red Shield's base of operations. Reluctant, Solomon believes the idea to be too risky but is convinced by his older brother after mentioning if he really wanted to test the theory of chiropteran reproduction. Once on board the Red Shield luxury ship, Solomon sets out to search for the bed-ridden Riku and in the process murders many humans and even attacks Julia. Horrified and learning of Solomon's plan, Riku refuses to join the other chevalier who beats him unconscious and kidnaps. En route to join his chevalier brothers, Solomon encounters the body of a Corpse Corps soldier. Curious, he removes the helmet and is shocked to see that they were clones of the late Charles. This moment has him question Amshel's true motives and becomes suspicious of his older brother.

Upon returning home, he immediately orders for Riku and Diva to proceed with the mating experiment. However, Diva, upset from learning of her older sister's wish to kill her, refuses, though Amshel coaxes her into it. Watching through the cameras once more, Solomon grows impatient and takes it upon himself to confront Diva who is choking Riku. He breaks them apart and orders Diva to continue, but she protests she doesn't want to and scratches Solomon's face. Overcome with with anger, he violently shoves her, telling the queen that she and Amshel both disgust him and leaves. But before he could depart, Riku stops him and Solomon, seeing this as an opportunity to test his theory, says that he will take Riku back to Saya. On the way out, they find a clone of Charles whom Riku believes is the original. Solomon, planning to use it against Amshel, agrees to take it along with them.

Three months later, Solomon saves Saya from a chiropteran attack in the Red Shield's New York City apartment and is accompanied by Riku and the Charles clone who help fend off the creatures. Riku introduces everyone to Solomon as Diva's chevalier and says that he is a nice guy and also taught him how to tap into his chiropteran powers. Obviously distrusting of him, Saya doesn't believe any of it and notes that he has the same look of curiosity as Amshel who wanted to experiment on chiropteran reproduction. However, she is surprised when Solomon kneels before her, professing that he wishes for her to be his bride and claims that it was love at first sight. Likewise, Saya doesn't buy the act and tells him that if he really means what he says that he'll help her fight Diva and maybe then she'll believe him.

The final battle at the Lincoln Center comes and Solomon, Riku, and the Charles clone are stationed at one of the exits to prevent Diva's escape. But just as they are about to get started, Solomon excuses himself and searches for Amshel. The two finally confront each other, with Solomon planning to kill him as he wonders once Amshel is gone if Diva will play into his hands instead. They do battle for a brief period of before talking and during the conversation, Solomon seems to ramble on about how his purpose in life is what keeps him alive and how the experiment is the only thing that keeps him going. Finding Solomon to have gone insane, Amshel silences him when he shoots him with a gun containing bullets coated with the very same substance from the Corpse Corps' claws.

After the ordeal, Van rescues Solomon from the exploding Lincoln Center and they are both later shown being in Japan spying on Saya. Initially, Riku had invited Solomon to their homecoming party but he refused, seemingly depressed that he will have to wait another thirty years to mate with Saya and finally conduct the experiment. Van then informs him that he is testing if humans can truly kill chevaliers, and Solomon, believing that he has lived long enough, agrees to take part in it.

Manga vs Anime

As noted before, Solomon's personality is much different than that of the anime. In the manga, he is shown to be much crueler and sadistic, scientist-like even, much like his brother Amshel. He will also lie and manipulate others to get his way and doesn't appear to show much concern for his family. He only appears to care about whether or not chiropterans can reproduce and is extremely driven to test this theory out. Unlike his anime counterpart, Solomon's immortality has perhaps caused him to lose whatever was left of his sanity as he states that a purpose in life is only a means for survival and that without it he would forget that he is even alive in the first place.

It is also worthy to note that he is seemingly vain as evidenced by the way he reacts after Diva scratches his face. More than that, he doesn't seem to harbor any real feelings for Saya, instead only being interested in mating with her so that he can finally test his theory. From his first encounter with Charles and later during the mating experiment, it can be assumed that Solomon is impatient and is quick to lose his temper.

While Solomon in the anime simply hated humans for their recklessness and foolishness, in the manga he has no regard for their lives as he willingly murders many in Red Shield HQ. He also doesn't appear to have any qualms about fighting and follows Amshel's orders without question. But despite these traits, Solomon does seem to possess some shred of kindness and friendliness when he teaches Riku how to use his abilities as a chevalier and allows the clone of Charles to accompany them.

Interestingly enough, he still retains his cheerful and light-hearted disposition like his anime counterpart, but is still a bit more flippant in nature.


Solomon 37 2

Removing the sword from Saya's body.

Medical Skills: Once a physician in his human life, he did war service as a military doctor. But after becoming a chiropteran, he need not perform this skill. However, he uses his skills to aid Saya once she impales herself with her own katana to kill Karl. Solomon draws out her sword with medical precision so as to avoid inner organ damage.

Business: He proves himself to be the most successful businessman in decades with his achievements as CEO of Cinq Fleches as Julia notes that he has an impressive resume [4].

Solomon 11

Solomon's first appearance. Note the blushing girls.

Lady Charmer: Despite his reluctance, his appearance and charming manners never fail to catch every ladies' eye in any vicinity.

Dancing: Possibly due to his upbringing as an aristocrat of the Goldsmith family, Solomon is an accomplished dancer and even mentions being told that he was one by his big brother.

Special Abilities

Solomon op4

Transformed arm.

Solomon chiropteran

Solomon's chiropteran form.

Strength: Solomon's strength outmatches those of Karl, Martin, James, the Schiff and regular chiropterans. He is also driven by willpower when he fights James to save Saya in his human form even though he lost a large amount of blood through the injuries inflicted by Diva.

Speed: Solomon has a certain extent of speed as a Chevalier surpassing that of the Schiff easily. As well as when he catches-up to save Saya and her brother Kai from James as they fell from the massive trap hole [5].

Telepathy: He is able to perform telepathic communication with other chevaliers as shown when he restrains Karl from continuing to fight with Saya in Vietnam.

Transformation: He fully transforms when rescuing Saya and Kai and fighting with Hagi. He mostly uses his partial transformation of his right arm into that of a sword. In the anime, this is his personal ability. In the manga, it's suggested to be an ability of any Chevalier, as he teaches this ability to Riku.

Regeneration: Like all chiropterans, Solomon's body is able to heal any wounds inflicted, no matter how severe, and is also able to reattach severed limbs.

Shockwave Attack: Despite using this ability only once, Solomon can send a burst of energy with a swing of his transformed arm.

Knife Throwing: Although, like his shockwave ability, he only uses it once, he does have some form of knife throwing skills as, in episode 42 he is shown throwing a blade with a rather decorative hilt at Diva, forcing Amshel to abandon his assult on Saya to protect her.


  • He wears an all-white suit with a blue rose in the breast pocket while he serves as Diva's chevalier.
  • After he betrays Diva and is disowned, he changes his suits to black symbolizing his loyalty to the opposite queen, Saya.
  • During his time as a medical doctor he wore a white suit with a vest, long jacket and a purple neckerchief.
  • In one of the photographs in Karl's Mansion, Solomon is seen wearing a black suit with a bowtie.
  • At the end of the manga, he wears a button-down polo shirt and pants.


  • The name Solomon means 'peace' in Hebrew which suits the character's peace-loving nature.
  • He is named after Solomon Rothschild.
  • The paper about Solomon that Mao takes out from her purse[6], mentions Hagi and his devotion to Saya in a seemingly anecdotal fashion.
  • Solomon's affinity for romance may be a reference to the age-old book Song of Solomon which contains the brief chronicles of two lovers and their devotion to each other.
  • If Solomon is presumed to be 110 at the start of the series, that would make him 22 at the time of his conversion into a chevalier and the year 1895 as his year of birth.


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