Sverdlovsk is a nuclear facility in Ekaterinburg. It is showed in Episode 18.

In the Anime

David and Lewis learn about the place from a picture in Phillip's home when they were in search of Ted. Ted who's already there, pulls a lever that lowers a concrete block with a Chiropteran – Andrei embedded inside. The Red Shield group arrives shortly after and goes inside to find the place empty but running on gasoline power. There’s an elevator shaft that leads lower into the facility. Getting off the elevator, the two notice that the place has been wired with explosives. They continue down to a cavernous room where they find Ted lying in a pool of his own blood and the Chiropteran slowly drinking it. They have a clash with the chiropteran and David gets injured. Kai shows up in time and manages to ignite the chiropteran with fire. He and Lewis support an injured David just on time before the whole facility is blown up.

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