Ted A. Adams
General Information
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Deceased
Family Andrei Adams (son)
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Status Minor Character
Debut Episode 18
Other Information
Japanese Voice Kenichi Ogata
English Voice David Rasner

Ted A. Adams is a scholar who researched Delta 67 during Vietnam, but then defected to Russia.


Ted is sought by David, Lewis and Kai because of his affiliation with Delta 67. They invade his house but find the place empty. David finds parts of a shredded letter from Phillip Rosenberg, a man who had defected along with Ted, but had disappeared ten years ago. On the wall of Phillip's house, David sees a photograph similar to one in Ted’s house; the writing in the background of the photograph mentioning “Sverdlovsk 51″ – a nuclear facility.

Meanwhile, Ted reaches the nuclear faculty and pulls a lever that lowers a concrete block with a Chiropteran – Andrei – embedded inside. By the time the Red Shield troop arrive down, they find Ted lying in a pool of his own blood and the Chiropteran slowly drinking it. With Lewis playing the decoy, David tries to get Ted, but the monster notices and slashes David’s back. The turmoil causes the concrete block to go flying backwards after one of the supports break, giving David the room he needs to take Ted and make their escape.

In the elevator, Ted identifies the Chiropteran as his son, Andrei, and he recounts that he was doing special blood research (Delta 67) in Vietnam. After Kai sets fire on Andrei, with the threat gone, Ted tells of the beautiful girl who possesses Delta 67 and poses the most danger to mankind: Diva. But it all disappeared during the bombings in 1972. Ted’s last words before he dies are an apology to his son.

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