Zoo B22

"The Zoo" is a château with an area of 100 acres, established in Bordeaux, France.

In the year 1832, a very wealthy researcher named Joel Goldschmidt I established it for private research. Different specimens were bought there, therefore it was called the zoo. A year after its establishment, a mummy named "Saya" was brought over from Iceland to the zoo. From dissecting the mummy, two cocoons were brought out from which Saya and Diva were born.

In the 19th century, Saya, Hagi, Amshel, and Diva lived at the grounds of the Zoo. Diva set the manor house on fire after Saya freed her in 1883 on Joel's birthday and since then it has remained uninhabited. By 2005, when Saya returns there to recall her memories it is seen mostly in ruins.

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