• Publication of Philosophie Zoologique.


  • Death of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.



  • 8 April
    • The mummy called SAYA is brought to the Zoo.
    • The life form is identified as a Chiropteran.
    • Joel and Amshel dissect the pregnant mummy.
    • They find two cocoons inside the mummy but could not open them.
    • They noticed that the cocoons absorb blood.
  • 4 August


  • Publication of Darwin's Origin of Species.


  • Saya is raised with love and care.
  • The unnamed girl is imprisoned and under care by Amshel and left to be experimented on.
  • Amshel takes in an interest in Diva.
  • Joel notices that time has stopped for Saya as she has stopped growing after reaching 16 years.
  • Saya becomes aware of the existance of the unnamed girl locked up in the tower and names her Diva.
  • 2 June
    • Saya scrapes her hand but it heals before Joel could wipe the blood.
    • Joel discovers that Saya's blood has healing abilities.
    • Joel mixes the blood samples of Saya and her unnamed twin; the resultant crystalizes.


  • Joel decides to experiment on chiropteran reproduction and sends Amshel to find a groom for Saya.
  • Amshel buys the 12 year-old Hagi from his parents and he is introduced to Saya.


  • The "blank page" in Joel's Diary .
  • Joel's 72nd Birthday.
  • Saya releases Diva from the tower to sing at the birthday party.
  • Hagi falls off a cliff and Saya turns him into a Chevalier with a blood transfusion.
  • Diva turns the party into a massacre, killing Joel and the other humans, save for Amshel.
  • Amshel becomes Diva's first Chevalier.
  • Reports of monsters attacking the human population surface, and from that point on are called "Chiropterans".
  • Joel's grandchildren found the Red Shield to bring an end to Diva.

End of 19th Century

  • Saya journeys with her sword and Hagi.
  • She makes Hagi promise to kill her after all chiropterans are eliminated and Diva is killed.
  • Saya enters a 30-year hibernating period, something that never occurred at her time at the Zoo.

Around 1914

  • Diva awakens and kills Princess Anastasia to assume her identity.
  • World War I begins.


  • Saya awakens from her first hibernation.


  • Saya and Hagi arrive at St. Petersburg to infiltrate the Royal Romanov Court in search of Diva.
  • Hagi joins the royal orchestra.
  • Diva banishes Grigori.
  • Diva makes Alexei her Chevalier (manga).
  • Grigori kills Sonya and her father and assumes her identity.


  • Russian Revolution begins.
  • Saya and Hagi pursue Diva and her Chevalier Grigori throughout Russia
  • Aproximately at this time, Amshel takes Solomon, a doctor, beneath his castle to become Diva's Chevalier. Karl is also turned into a Chevalier.


  • Saya kills Diva's second Chevalier Grigori.
  • Saya enters her second cycle of hibernation.
  • End of World War I.


  • Start of World War II.


  • James becomes Diva's last Chevalier in Berlin.
  • Acting on Amshel's orders, Solomon kills Diva's third Chevalier, Martin Bormann, who worked as Hitler's aid.
  • End of World War II.


  • Start of Vietnam War.


  • Chiropteran sightings in Vietnam confirmed.
  • Pre-christmas bombings.
  • Red Shield injects Hagi's blood into dormant Saya to cause artificial awakening.
  • Saya goes berserk killing chiropterans and humans alike.
  • Despite her reckless state, Saya is afraid of Hagi and attacks him.
  • Saya cuts off arms of both Hagi and Karl.
  • The berserk Saya calms down and falls into her third hibernation.
  • Dying David (senior) entrusts Saya to George Miyagusuku.
  • Hagi cuts off communication from Red Shield.
  • Rumors of Hagi being spotted in Hong Kong.


  • End of the Vietnam War.


  • George's family are killed in an accident.




  • Joel VI becomes Head of the Red Shield after his predecessor dies.


  • Saya awakens in Okinawa without her previous memories.
  • She lives with the Miyagusuku family.
  • She is under surveillance of David under conditions that once she recalls her past, she will go with Red Shield.


  • Saya reunites with Hagi.
  • Both become involved in a fight with a chiropteran and in order to awaken her, Hagi gives Saya his blood.
  • George is attacked by a chiropteran and turns into one; Saya ends up having to kill him.
  • Saya, Hagi, Kai and Riku ally with the Red Shield.
  • Saya and Red Shield travel to Vietnam to stop Diva from awakening.
  • Saya is introduced to Solomon at the school ball and meets Karl who is in the guise of the Phantom.
  • The Red Shield meet up with Elizabeta in Russia who is killed and impersonated by Amshel.
  • Saya and Hagi go to the Zoo.
  • Diva awakens.
  • Riku becomes Saya's second Chevalier after being drained of all blood by Diva.


  • Collins and Julia betray Red Shield to join Cinq Fleches.
  • Diva and Karl launch an attack on the Red Shield HQ.
  • Diva forces Riku to impregnate her before killing him with her blood.
  • Karl's projectile impales Joel VI in the spine confining him to a wheelchair thereafter.
  • Red Shield HQ ship is forced to self-destruct in an attempt to take down Diva.
  • Saya stays with Hagi on the ship to keep on fighting Diva while the command ship gets destroyed.


  • Chiropteran sightings in London.
  • Kai and Lewis are busy fighting chiropterans.
  • Saya returns.
  • Karl is killed by Saya.
  • Amshel cuts Diva's belly to bring out two cocoons.
  • Saya chases Diva from an Air Force Base in North Carolina to New York.
  • Solomon betrays Diva and proposes to Saya; he is later killed while protecting Saya.
  • James is killed.
  • Diva's live performance at the Metropolitan Opera House.
  • The final duel of two queens ends with Diva dying at last.
  • Two baby girls are born from the cocoons.
  • Hagi impales Amshel while the opera is bombed; Amshel suspected dead, whereabouts of Hagi unknown.
  • Saya returns to Okinawa with her remaining friends and family.
  • She falls into her fourth hibernation.
  • Kai carries her to the family crypt where she emerged from a cocoon 3 years ago.


  • Kai takes his adopted children (Diva and Riku's daughters) to Saya's hibernating place.
  • They find a rose from Hagi there.
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