General Information
Age 25+
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Deceased
Faction Royal Orchestra
Grigori's Cult
Occupation Violinist
Appearance Blood+ Adagio
Status Supporting Character
Debut Volume 1
Other Information

Victor is a musician in the orchestra of Romanov Royal Academy. He is the orchestra leader. Later it is revealed that he is within Grigori's cult.


Victor somewhat resembles Solomon. He has short, wavy and fair hair and often wears a smile.


He is shown to be on friendly terms with everyone in the orchestra and can manipulate everyone as a leader.

Blood+ Adagio Plot

Victor is first introduced to Saya and Hagi in the Imperial Orchestra. He gets along with them well.

One evening when Hagi is alone, he lures him to a place for sabotage. It is then revealed that Victor originally works for Grigori as a seeker of immortality. He learns from Grigori that Saya's blood can give that immortality after the demonstration given by stabbing Hagi. But Victor was forbidden to try it out yet. However, he doesn't listen and goes to Saya. Victor asks her for her blood and when denied takes it by force. The blood kills him (probably because he was injected with Diva's blood by Grigori for experiment).

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