BloodA vol2 Author Kumiko Suekane
Released December 26, 2006
ISBN ISBN 978-4-04-713886-5
Produced By Production I.G
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten

The year 1916. While Diva masquerades as the Tsarevna Anastasia in the Romanov Imperial court, Rasputin conducts dreadful experiments on humans to turn them into chevaliers!

Flashback of Year 1915, Southern France.
Inside the chateau in Bordeaux, Hagi lingers beside a window as a doctor checks Saya's cocoon. It has been 30 years since Saya has wrapped herself up in it. Everyone has been awaiting her awakening but this long wait is trying their patience. The doctor brings hopeful news as he feels Saya's heartbeat and predicts that she is going to awake soon. However, he also expresses his doubt whether Saya would be an ally to 'Red Shield' and kill Diva who is her own sister. David agrees that there's no telling Saya wouldn't also poise a threat to mankind, repeating the Bordeaux tragedy, however, their only option is to trust her. Then the Red Shield members gather around the cocoon and decide that if Saya goes berserk, they will kill her themselves.

At a later hour, Hagi discards his seat and leans over the casket to embrace the cocoon. Just as he has been wishing Saya could wake up, she breaks out of the cocoon with a wild glare in her eyes. She forcefully pins him down and only after drinking his blood, Saya gets back to normal.

The coming days pass with Saya living a normal life and the only exception is that everyone around her mentions Diva. One day, while taking a break from fencing session, Saya reveals to Hagi how irritated she feels to hear about Diva all the time. She complains that all of them are adult men and should be able to defeat Diva on their own. Understanding her feeling, Hagi assures her that he will always remain by her side. In order to kill the chiropterans, Saya receives a new sword with a curved blade from the Red Shield. David explains that it'll be easier to kill with it. However, Saya feels uneasy at the very thought of killing. That night, she has a nightmare of Diva from the day of the Bordeaux tragedy. She wakes up and gasping for water, reaches out towards a glass which had a mirror behind it. Just as Saya notices her own image, she falls in a delusion and mistakes it for Diva. The next morning, Hagi is shocked to see Saya cutting her hair short. She, however, makes a mess out of it and so passes the task to Hagi. While they are at it, they decide to do something enjoyable when all the feud is over.

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